What is bmi calculator?

BMI Calculator is FREE computer program which calculates your Body Mass Index and Basal Metabolic Rate and tell you if you are underweight, normal, overweight or obese and tells you the amount of calories your body uses to maintain the weight. Those kind of informations are important to have on hand for any dieting plan. BMI Calculator is desktop computer program - its advantage over online BMI and BMR calculators is that it is installed on your computer, you can access it without internet connection, it is lightweight and fast and you can put it on USB or removable disk, and it calculates BOTH - BMR rate and BMI index. This free little program is my effort to help fight growing obesity problem caused by modern way of living.

firefoxBMI means "Body Mass Index" (BMI). It is a number derived from your height and weight. BMI often indicates overweight problem and can be usefull in determining potential health risk. Typically, a BMI index between 20-25 is considered normal and healthy.


firefoxBMR means "Basal Metabolic Rate " (BMR). It simply represents the number of calories your body uses for maintaining energy level through a day.


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Atkins diet is a very efficient, low carb and high fat diet that requires great discipline. Although the results can be fantastic this type of diet is not for everyone.



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